An 'all-in-one' cold processed shampoo, shave & shower bar. Handmade using natural ingredients.  Scented with an essential oil blend of either - rosemary & lemongrass / or mint & teatree / Geranium & Lavender - an uplifting, refreshing and invigorating all over wash! Ideal for men, beards and short hair.
If using with medium to long hair please note there is a transition period of anywhere between a few washes and a few months, where your hair will adjust to this new way of washing and starts to rid the hair/scalp of chemicals from previous use of shampoo. Your hair may feel ‘waxy’ for a time before your hair adjusts to a shampoo bar. But once your hair/scalp gets used to the shampoo bar your hair will feel great! 


Handmade shave and shower bar