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The next chapter

Ekojoe moves online and to your door.

As we move from van life to doorstep deliveries, we wanted to share with you the ways in which you can now shop with us more easily and why we made the move to delivering to your door.

Founder Claire said:

“The van was so wonderful for us as a starting block, we have built up a lovely customer base and so enjoyed bringing the van to various locations in Leicestershire. We just felt that it was time to take our not-for-profit service in a different direction.

“Our focus is on providing as many customers as possible with affordable, ethical food, locally and ultimately taking things to your homes enables us to get more to you at a time we feel our customers need it most.

“What’s more, we can do so in a way that is more environmentally sound, not to mention providing a way to cut out waste even further with our refillable service.

"The van is diesel and is starting to need more repairs than felt right too, it was limiting in terms of what we could fit on the van and how many people we could reach.

"There was also paper bag usage and we really want to move away from that, we want to close the loop even more.

“There is a tinge of nostalgia at the van going of course, but no sadness, it did exactly what we wanted it to do – it’s just time for the next step now, and I’m so excited.”

So, how will it work? Customers order online and with a £20+ spend get free delivery. We will deliver within 48 hours of checkout to a safe place if you aren’t going to be in and because the products are in glass bottles they won’t perish.

Leave out your empties, and we will collect and refill for your next order. There will be new customer offers and existing customer rewards too, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Many of you in Leicester will be familiar with the van, out in all weathers stocked from top to bottom with high quality, ethically sourced goods at an affordable price.

When we started, the van was a real labour of love and has been ever since really with all of the team enjoying the social elements of serving our customers in the community - thank you to all those that helped make it such a success.

We hope you will join us online in this next chapter of the Ekojoe story and be part of our growing community here in Leicester as we work on becoming even more sustainable for the future.

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