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How to shop sustainably

Ever thought about how you could shop more sustainably?

As much as it would be the dream to be able to have the time and resources to have our own plot of land that's bursting with seasonal of vegetables and fruits, and to create our own household toiletries and cleaning products - it's not the reality for a majority of us.

So, with that in mind, what can you do to get as close to sustaining yourself as possible?

Well, thankfully there is quite a lot you can do and often they are small changes that you can make to your weekly shop that can make a huge impact collectively to reduce your carbon footprint.

Here, our founder Claire talks you through her five top tips for shopping consciously.

Shop local

Shopping locally has many benefits - too many to list here really! The main benefits are that by choosing locally you are supporting small business, the goods haven't had to travel miles clocking up carbon emissions and more often than not locally grown or handmade products are more eco minded.

Eco online

If you can't get what you need on your doorstep look for websites who provide products with sustainability at its core. Look for retailers who use green packaging and delivery methods, who buy their stock from ethical sources and those who have an honest commitment to doing things sustainably.


By buying seasonal, fresh produce you are typically sourcing foods that haven't been too manufactured - ie the growing process hasn't been sped up or the produce hasn't necessarily travelled millions of miles to get here. This isn't always the case of course, but it's a good mindset to be aware of.


When buying any product, whether online or in a shop, look at how they have been packaged. Sustainable online retailers will make a point of sharing their packaging details with you and in shops of course you will be able to see if it's wrapped in lots of plastic or if it's loose or in a recyclable container or, even better - a refillable container.


Any retailer with an eco mindset will want to be doing things which directly benefit the planet, their immediate local community and their buyers too. Consciously shopping from businesses with strong ethical values is possible - you just need to avoid the ones that definitely aren't as much as possible.

Thanks Claire!

You might not be able to dig up your own veg or make your own soap just yet, but you can invest your money in sustainable companies who are doing exactly that.

Your purchases count - make them right and you are well on your way to helping to make a difference to our planet.

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