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Our Go Fund , Donate to help our green space Grow

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Hi, we are Ekojoe.


It all began with 3 sisters and an idea that we could do our part for the environment and help improve sustainability. We, like so many others are horrified by what is happening to our planet. The devastation caused by limitless production of unnecessary waste aka plastic pollution is reversible and we want to do something about it. 


Our concern for the environment inspired us to develop something that would help to cut waste, support sustainable and fair traders and help a broad range of our communities to be actively involved in living lives that supported the environment. 


We have sold re-fills from our van, developed into a local order and delivery service all whilst growing our green space community allotment here in Blaby, Leicester. 


Our journey continues as we have just recently secured a new larger plot of land to create a green space which we intend to devlop with the help of our volunteers. 


We want to develop the space to yield lots of fruit and vegetables for sale at affordble prices from our farmer's kitchen. The green space will bring the local community together, create low impact harvests and give the community access to affordable, healthy foods. 


To realise this dream for our local community we need your help. 


As a not-for-profit organisation we need some contributions with start up costs for the land - including covering for the ground, growing tunnels and some planning permission costs too. 


We would appreciate anything that you can give, big or small!


Thank you, 


The Ekojoe team x

Plastic Free Refills Delivered To Your Door

Delicious dried produce alongside laundry and cleaning refills, shampoos and conditioners and beautiful sustainable gifts.

Varieties of Grain
Clothes Line
Bath Salts & Accessories
Basket of Bath Accessories

How does Ekojoe local delivery work

Step 1 :

Place your order online. Once we have received it your local Ekojoe team member will text you straight away to discuss your delivery for when is good for you - it's an entirely personalised service!

Step 2 : 

We aim to deliver your items within 48hrs by your area's team member in 1 litre and 500ml glass jars that you can fill with as much or little as you like, Once you have decanted you can text the team for collection.

Step 3 :

If you have a large order requiring your jars to be refilled, please message us to customise your order to discuss pickup and payment options.

Our local refill service is all pretty much like the milkman(but without the milk). We are going back to personal, local delivery services and doing so, with familiar team members in each district of Leicester.


Ekojoe is a community interest company, based in the heart of Leicestershire, with a focus on making zero-waste shopping more affordable and accessible.
We have a mission to protect our environment and encourage communities to get involved. We aim to create a transparent and honest system which allows consumers to learn about the impact we have on our environment and the choices we make with our purchasing power.

At Ekojoe we sell a huge range of vegan and organic foods, refill washing and laundry liquids, soaps, shower gels and a myriad of reusable products. We also sell beautiful handmade gifts created by local artisans to assist our community in adopting a plastic-free and sustainable lifestyle.

We are passionate and dedicated about making a difference to the environment whilst engaging the community. We want to create an affordable and healthier lifestyle. "We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can prepare our children for the future".

In case you didn't know, we offer our delivery service all across Leicestershire.
Place your order and you will receive a message from the team to discuss when you would like delivery, we aim to dispatch your order within 48 hours.

We can customise orders by collecting and refilling your jars, please message us for more information and we will be happy to 

Don't worry if your not in Leicestershire, you can use the national delivery option at the checkout and your order will be delivered with DPD
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who is Joe?

Our inspiration - The ultimate eco warrior 

Joe travelled the world from the age of eighteen, he was funny, kind and extremely passionate about protecting our planet and teaching people to live off the land.

Much of his career was spent working with nature, conservation and improving sanitation in developing countries.

Joe loved life, he was an awesome fire performer and he loved to rock climb, which he taught to groups of children.

he then spent much of his later years living in a sustainable village in the amazon jungle living off the land and teaching like minded students to do the same.

An inspiration and loved by so many.

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